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Color guards have been an important part of American history. In early history, flags were used for a number of purposes. A detachment of soldiers was usually assigned to protect the flag. As history moved forward, color guards were used to lead marching bands, drum and bugle corps and other types of marching units. The Legion is dedicated to upholding proper protocol, point of honor and due and proper respect for our National Colors in all ceremonial situations.

The JOSEPH W. DIEHN color guard is often seen at the Sylvania Northview and Southview football games, local parades and ceremonies. The color guard has also presented the colors for funerals, celebrations of life and retirement ceremonies. Our uniform attire and proper etiquette ensure the highest respects are paid to our Nations’ colors.

If you would like to have the Joseph W. Diehn color guard for your event, please contact the Sergeant of Arms using the contact information below. Due to an all-volunteer guard, we will need advanced notice of your event to arrange scheduling. Although we do not accept payment for our color guard services, we do accept donations of your choosing.

Sergeant at Arms

Tony Tebary – 419-699-4228