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December – Happy New Year!

Seasons Greetings! The month of December has been extremely busy with lots of things happening at the post! Speaking of activities at the post, during our regular meeting this month – we decided to begin the process of transitioning our current Doughboy newsletter to a 100% electronic form. Due to the rising cost of postage...


November – Hurry Up and Wait

Hello friends! This past month has been full of excitement and anxiety as Jennite Paving and Cousino Electric waited for good weather to break ground. Unfortunately, there was about a foot of water underneath the asphalt due to our soil consisting of predominantly clay on top of bedrock. According to Jennite, this would make for...


October – Building Improvements, Galore!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our first “Doughboy Update” for the month of October. This is where you can find monthly updated information between our full-sized Doughboy’s. Our next newsletter will be in your mailbox soon, so this will be brief: As you can see in the pictures above, we’ve installed a new handicap-accessible door off...